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    I am trying to change font, bold, spacing for my posts that feed my responsive slider.

    I tried adding html to the posts w/o success.

    I can change the point size here..

    #content #genesis-responsive-slider p {

    color: #ddd;

    font-size: 24px;

    but I’d like my title inside my slider to be centered and a separate line.

    I’ve followed other theme posts in the forum that have not helped to me to try and resolve this.


    Test URL  here



    Thanks in advance







    Diane Kinney

    Mike, are you able to SEE your titles?  I took a look, and in the code I see “Collaborate” as the headline for all your slides, but due to some other CSS changes you’ve made it appears to be hidden.

    Once you sort that out, you can modify the style of your titles by editing this rule in your css:

    #content #genesis-responsive-slider h2 a

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    Diane-   I am not quite sure what you mean by see title and my code headline issue.


    The text is coming through on the slider, but no formatting and changing fonts in

    #content #genesis-responsive-slider h2 a

    is not having an affect.   My code already contains

    #content #genesis-responsive-slider h2 a {
    color: #fff;
    font-size: 20px;
    font-weight: bold;
    text-transform: uppercase;

    I cannot get the slider text headers to be on their own line in the slider and bold

    I tried following the information in this thread but it didn’t help.



    Thanks for trying to help I am stuck.



    Diane Kinney

    Mike, what is your actual headline (not the content) for a slide?  In the code it looks like it is “Collaborate” but I don’t see that visibly on your slides at all.

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    Diane-  My headline words are



    Leadership.. Is that what you are looking for ?

    I show in the html code that h2  has my text.

    I am using the post  option to send my text to the slider.

    I don’t see what you see regarding the collaborate in the code.




    Diane Kinney

    Mike, this is your actual text in the source code.  Something is amiss structurally for you, as you can see Collaborating is in the h2 tag which is where you title should be, and the title seems to be part of the content area.
    <h2><a href=”http://ecbiz124.inmotionhosting.com/~tanden6/dir/collaborating/” rel=”bookmark”>Collaborating</a></h2>
    <p>Calming Change Agent:&nbsp;

    Help others successfully cope with uncertainty through clear communications and creative thinking.</p>

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    Diane-  While I see how you inspected my html page (main) and can find your h2 reference to my 3 columns of content on my main page,  I can honestly say I do not know how I did that.  I created 3 separate pages in WP.  I then assigned them to the Genesis – Featured Page option from the widget page and placed them in Home — Top.

    My pages did have
    <span style=”color: #ffffff; font-weight: bold; font-family: calibri, garamond,; font-size: 25px;”>Collaborating</span>

    I have since changed them to

    <span style=”font-size: 20px;”>Collaborating</span>

    Does this make it an h2 ?

    I am showing my lack of expertise now, while I’ve made good progress with the site,  I obviously did something wrong and am at a loss of how to correct it.


    –My original issue , is why I can’t adjust the content in the slider (change font, style, bold , and line elements) has morphed into , a concern that I have my css and html setup incorrectly and I have no idea how it occured.

    — Could it be the way the theme was installed ?  I was unable to unzip the blank executive theme into WP and had to manually build the site instead of working with the base theme?

    Thanks for your help.


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