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    I created a new page for an existing website and protected it with S2member plugin.  The features wanted on this page I don’t think will work.

    They want an “intranet” on a newly created page of their existing main corporate website with page protection (to avoid paying the cost of a 2nd website/intranet).  On this new page they want a Blog, calendar, links, etc.  They only want employees to see this page.

    As I started to go through this I am seeing that I don’t think it will work.  When I create new Categories, of course it shows up in the Categories menu of their main corporate blog.  When setting the template on this employee blog page (intranet), all posts (both corporate and intranet blog will all show up together).  I installed S2member to protect this page and created a user.  Then set the user to this level of protection for this page.

    But in the end don’t think this looks like it will work.

    Can I please have some feedback regarding this… I want to be sure I’m not wrong on my suspicion.  And to tell the client the news they won’t want to hear.




    Dorian Speed

    I’m not all that familiar with s2member, but I think what you’re talking about could be accomplished with Premise. Create a product called “Employee Access” and then you can assign Premise access levels for each component of the site. Not 100% sure that would work with a calendar plugin, but perhaps you weren’t thinking about using one.

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    Well the theme their website is on is Education… they didn’t want to pay for another website for their intranet.

    I don’t know about Premise…I will look that up.  I’m not sure though how it would work with them wanting their own blog for their Intranet on this new “page”… while at the same time having their Corporate Blog going on (as it is now in the Education theme).

    Yes they were indeed wanting a calendar plugin (like Google Calendar).

    I just don’t know if you can truly have an Intranet site built on the same theme/installation as their corporate main website.



    Bill Murray

    Simple answer: use WP multisite, create a new site, and use the More Privacy Options plugin. All of the sites on our network have this functionality, so doing this is a breeze.

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    Oh wow thank you!  This is a Multisite… so I could create the new site and then yes use the More Privacy Options plugin.

    I will DEFINITELY check this out.

    Thank you so much.


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