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    Right now I have a membership site with YourMembership.com with over 3000 members. On that that platform, we offer a free and paid membership level. I’m considering moving this site to a self-hosted wordpress site using the Genesis Education theme and Premise. I’d like this to be as seamless and smooth transition as possible for my members.

    Is it possible to export my current Yourmembership.com database and then import it into the new Premise site?
    What questions do I need to have answered before I do this?
    If it isn’t possible to import the current database, ┬ádo you have recommendations on how to make the transition smooth for my members?

    YourMembership.com uses ASPx.

    thank you,




    Hi Jenny –

    We’ve used Premise for about a year now, and I don’t know of any option that will let you do a batch configuration of users. If your current system will allow you to export the members to CSV, you could probably get that data imported into WordPress using a third-party plugin, but there’s no easy way to configure all those users with the Premise member access levels except manually. (You can set the role as “Premise Member” on all of them at once, but then you’d need to assign each one to the Premise Product corresponding to their appropriate access level – it would take forever to do it on 3,000 users.) You may want to contact the Premise people directly with this question (bottom of this page: http://getpremise.com/faq )

    We use a second membership management plugin called Paid Memberships Pro to handle another part of our site; depending on what type of functionality you need, it may be worth checking out – you can install for free and then pay for support if you need it. It may have the same limitation with the initial user configuration however it’s a completely open solution, so a developer would have an easier time helping you, whereas Premise is more locked down. The big restriction we’ve faced with PMPro is that one user cannot belong to multiple member groups; Premise doesn’t have this issue. We use the two of them together (with some tweaking) to run different parts of the business.

    Besides just user records, then you obviously need to also look at how to get the content from your current system into WordPress, but that’s not a Premise / PMPro question. You’ll probably want to start with your current provider on that one.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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