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    I am using the expose theme and I have a file called footer-widgeted.php (code here: https://github.com/nico023/studiopress-premum-wp-themes/blob/master/studiopress/magazine/home.php). I also have the footer 1, footer 2 and footer 3 section in the widget area of wordpress. But when I add some widgets, they don’t appear on the site. I tried to add –
    /** Add support for 3-column footer widgets */
    add_theme_support( 'genesis-footer-widgets', 3 );

    in this case by footer widgets would mess up and will be shown on the top-right of my side. Help!



    BDW I didn’t make change to css as well



    Please post a link to your site so we can take a look. I use Firebug to see the code.



    here is the site http://www.uniquestuffs.com/




    Hi, I just posted this comment to another question but it relates to your as well, with the exception of the proper formatting.


    I had the same issue and found a solution. The Expose theme comes with the widgets disabled so you enable them by changing the widget numbers from 3, 4, 5 to 1, 2, 3. Then you need to register the widget by adding a filter (I found on Brian’s website). Links are below.


    Note: When I added mine they were not formatted even after pasting the code from Brian’s site. I disabled mine until I can deal with it but just a heads up.

    Changing numbers: (widgeted-footer.php first line) – you do not need to add anything just change the numbers

    Registering the widget: (after the above the widgets should show however they did not until I  added the code from Brian’s site to the functions.php file. http://www.briangardner.com/code/add-footer-widgets/ )



    I am also working with the expose theme on 2 websites. Both are still hidden (under construction) therefore I cannot share a link.
    However, very curious is that on my first installation (wordpress 3.5.1, genesis 1.9.2 and expose 1.0.1) my footer widget are working fine. In each footer area one widget appears. The background color is black. Even the code from Brian Gardner in the the function.php wasn’t needed to add widgets into the footer widgets, respectively the footer-widgets-area are displayed on the website!!!

    Now on the second website (wordpress 3.6.1, genesis 2.0.1 and expose 1.0.1) I made the mentioned changes in the footer-widget.php with the numbers (3,4,5 –> changed into 1,2,3) and added the code from Brian in the expose function.php

    //* Add support for 3-column footer widgets
    add_theme_support( ‘genesis-footer-widgets’, 3 );

    … but it doesn’t work as I want it and see it in my first installation.
    Even the 3 footer-widget areas are activated now, all my widgets and text-box I added to footer-areas 1, 2 and 3 are shown only in one footer-area! All of them are displayed on the left-hand site of the website among each other with a white background.

    Please advice how I can fix that. I want to have my widgets in a row, means one widget/text-box per footer area, and the background colour shoot be different from the body’s background color.

    Thanks so far &
    best rgds,



    Hi guys, just to make a note here… because everyone customizes their websites differently – it’s always best to send a link to your websites. We can use Firebug to look at your code to offer you assistance. Merely writing what your issues is here doesn’t give us much to work with. So if you can, please send us a link so we can target each of your issues separately. Thanks!

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