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    I searched for some reviews or opinions here on the Extender Plugin http://genesis.extenderplugin.com/ but don’t see anything. I’m looking at getting it. Anyone have any experience with it?




    That plugin, I believe, was developed by Catalyst Themes – http://catalysttheme.com/. You might want to visit and inquire over there.



    Yes, you are right about Catalyst… I’ve done extensive research in the past couple of days. The person who developed Catalyst (Eric Hamm) is well-regarded in the WP community as is his framework, Catalyst.

    The Extender is relatively new, as is his Dynamik theme for Genesis. They basically ported much of Catalyst over to Genesis.

    The one thing I have an issue with is that Extender (and I believe Dynamik) puts all CSS changes into the database. So if you develop a derivation from a Genesis child theme locally or on your server, you will have to export the database when you install on the client’s server. They told me they have and export and import feature for CSS settings, but I’ve not seen any independent corroboration on it… how/if it works.

    I rather like the idea of using Extender on the bare-bones, Genesis “free” Sample “starter” theme to develop our own themes for clients. I was hoping that someone more experienced with Genesis in this community would have some thoughts about Extender to help guide me in my analysis of the product… perhaps save me some time in testing it.  I don’t mind the cost… it’s the time I don’t have… so if anyone here has used it I hope they will share their opinions on it for the rest of us.




    Does the Genesis Extender plugin really work with ALL Genesis child themes? I’m using a custom version of the Tapestry theme. I’m hoping that Genesis Extender will give me the means to create a widgetized home page.

    I’d like to know whether or not Extender will work with Tapestry before dropping $44 down.

    If it does… I’ll be happy to buy it!




    Would be nice if this type of functionality was build right into the Genesis Framework and not having to rely on 3rd party add-ons. Hopefully with Genesis 2.0? I love the framework but as someone who doesn’t have a lot of technical experience, going beyond the preset child-theme can be a little overwhelming.

    I still get compliments on my site on a regular basis (Minimum theme) but wish there was a little bit more ease for newbies like me.  I have to say the support is incredible, answers within hours each and every time with solutions and advice. This is what keeps me loving this framework.

    Let me know how you make out with the Extender plugin and if you recommend it Donchuknow :) Would love your insights.

    Hopefully we will see some of the core elements that Extender offers right into the framework with the next release.

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