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    Can anyone tell me what sort of facebook social plugin I should use in order to display all the small little boxes of people who liked my FB page on the sidebar? So far, I’ve tried the “facepile” and “like button”, but it only displays my friends who liked that page only, instead of everyone who liked that page (or at least according to the width and rows that I specify). It did specify how many people liked my page but that’s it. But I do see in a couple of places where their plugin do list a lot more people who liked their page, but those are not my friends at all, so clearly, such function is available, but which is it?

    And I tried to look at it without logging into FB and it only lists how many people liked my page and that’s it, with no images of my fans on it.

    Appreciate anyone who can direct me in the right direction.



    Are you viewing the widget content when you are logged in to Facebook? Sometimes if you log out, the results will render what you want. Because people can change their privacy settings, it may show the number of people who Like it, but may not produce as many images.



    I am viewing it both logged in and logged out, and in different browsers so I make sure the cookies are cleared as well.

    Any ideas on which I should use?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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