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    I have updated the look/design of the favicon and the slider arrows for my site a while back. However, they are still the same as they were with the previous design. I had replaced the files directly in the FTP File Manager and have even deleted the “old” versions of these files and uploaded the new versions. However they are STILL the same image/design as before. Yes, I have deleted the cache on my browser, and the history… I have also looked at it from 3 other browsers AND my phone to see if it updated. Nothing. I have tried it on other computers and get the same results. These older files no longer exist on the FTP yet… it STILL shows up on the website. I’m so lost as what to do. It isn’t that big of a deal just very annoying.


    Any help or suggestions would be great.


    Link to my site – http://lifeaftertwilight.net/





    I never had any luck updating my favicon until I tried the Genesis Favicon Uploader plugin. Have you tried that?

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    *le sigh* I fail at life.

    I didn’t even know there was an Genesis Favicon Uploader plugin…… stay tuned as I attempt it to see if this works… if not I’ll be back.



    Wow! Thanks for the post. I just installed the plug-in (Genesis Favicon uploader) and uploaded the favicon.ico icon. It all took two minutes!
    I am used to work with a PAID CMS system and I must say that WordPress + Genesis is really the way to go.
    If you need to convert your icon to the favicon format (.ico), just use the free online convertion tool. The link is right there in the plugin screen where you can upload the favicon.



    Good to know about the favicon uploader, – – but I didn’t have any problem installing my favicon when I did it the just the other day.

    I just made the (multi-resolution) favicon, – – then named it favicon(.ico), – – then installed it in 3 places, just to be safe.

    The root itself, – – the genesis images folder, – – and (my) child-theme images folder.

    It showed up in mere seconds . . .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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