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    Hi all. I’m currently working on a new version of an old blog and have noticed that my favicon was only showing up on Firefox browsers. The favicon would load and quickly change to the “G” default right away with Chrome. On Safari it just shows the “G”.

    My favicon is a simple text version of the letters EV (for the blog name EdgeVegas.com). I was using the all-in-one favicon plugin and today I’ve been testing different plugins and nothing will override the “G”. I’m not using a child theme right now.

    I’m not gifted with CSS skills so I’ve been looking for a plugin that would work easily as they do for non Genesis sites I’ve had in the past. Any ideas would be great. Thanks in advance.




    Where do you have your favicon loaded? Also, has it been this way for a while or did you just change it?


    The site has been up for about 2 weeks and it’s been this way from day one. The favicon’s were uploaded to media as directed with each plugin. Thanks for the quick response!


    I’d suggest moving away from the plugin and editing your functions file instead, using the code snippet provided here:



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    You can also just copy your favicon into the images folder. As a practice, I copy my favicon to the Images folder in both the Genesis Framework and the child theme and they show up fine. Be sure to dump your cache on your site as well as your browser cache for them to show up.


    Thank you all for the quick responses. I ended up just uploading the favicon to the images folder and all is well. I’ve been very passive about ftping files like this in the past…but no longer! Thanks again.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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