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    So you got it working now?



    I did! I reinstalled the functions.php file one more time and my site is working now. I should just walk away when I mess things up.

    I don’t have the favicon changed though.



    Well congrats on getting everything back to what it was! That alone can be a major accomplishment – I’ve been through that panic myself plenty of times. :-)

    On the favicon, it’s hard to tell what the problem was from the info you provided but based on the error, I’m wondering if it’s possible that you inserted the code in the middle of another function? Make sure you scroll to the very end of functions.php and insert the new code there.

    Also, you need to insert it as plain text – sometimes, copying from the browser can introduce problems (HTML characters and fancy quotes). To avoid that, you can select and copy it from this page (be sure to get the entire block of code) then paste it into a text editor – NotePad on the PC or TextEdit on Mac. Then, select it from there and copy/paste into your WordPress file.

    If you did all that and it’s still not working, you can try posting the functions.php to http://pastebin.com/ and link to it here so we can check it out.



    I think I did insert it in a function, I thought I was scrolled all the way down but noticed the bracket or something when I deleted the code. Now I’m a little afraid to try again :P
    I was using Arthemia by ColorLabs and they just had a spot to upload the favicon, it was so much easier!


    Bill Murray

    I think the function is a bit of overkill for most users. The real purpose of the function is if you want to use what I’ll call a non-standard favicon location or filename.

    In your childtheme’s images folder, you should see a file named favicon.ico.

    If you replace that file with the favicon you created with the same name, no code is necessary (at least not that last time I checked …).

    Hope that helps.

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    Just Dave

    Here’s a total php novice solution.

    I just use the Genesis Favicon Uploader Plugin by Christopher Cochran, and have for a couple of years. I am yet to update to 3 .5 .2 so I don’t know if that is a problem for this plugin or not. It has however endured numerous other updates without any problems.

    Question for the advanced posters.

    Is there some reason not to use this plugin? I think it’s fairly “lightweight” and has never caused any conflicts that I am aware of.



    My site was just moved to a new server after that was complete my custom favicon went away and I am seeing the Genesis favicon in the tab, however my custom favicon loads in the dashboard which seems odd. I have uploaded my favicon via my FTP to both the Genesis file and the Agency theme file. Then I cleared the cache on my browser and I’m still seeing the G. Any suggestions?


    Thanks in advance!



    Do we make these edits in the Genesis functions.php or the child theme? And where should they go within that file?



    Can I just replace the favicon image in the genesis image folder with my own & not edit the php file?

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