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    Hello. I´m having a problem with feature image in Executive.

    I want the picture to show up in front page for feature post and show my “news” (latest posts). And it looks okey. Size is 285×100 px.

    When I click on the “news” to see the whole post – then the feature image doesn´t show! There is only text.

    If I click on the list for all posts (latest news) then the feature image shows up again!

    If I want two images it looks ugly because the feature image is still 285×100! So – can I get rid of the feature image from inside the post and only see it in front page?

    Or get the feature image in it´s full size in the post?

    My site: http://wp.edmondson.se




    1. You could add it as a featured image and Not insert it in your post.

    You can then choose to display it using the featured posts/pages widget and the Genesis > Theme Settings > Content Archives settings for your blog and category archives.

    Its best to crop your featured images to a size which resize’s properly:

    600 X 300 will resize to 200 X 100 perfectly.

    You can also add new image sizes to your child themes functions.php file.

    2. You can change these settings so they don’t display your featured images on archive papges and simply insert it into the post.

    We had this discussion on another post in this forum recently.




    Thank you! When I changed the settings, not to include the feature image, I think I can make the “news” too look good.

    It´s so simple sometimes, so I can´t see the solution by my self!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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