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    I moved my old blog from one host to another and changed domain names in the process. I went from a focus theme to an 11-40 one. To do the move I used the import-export function of WordPress along with a search and replace plugin. Everything works right, except for the featured images in category and archive posts. The graphics show up fine in the actual post, but not the thumbnail in the category listing. If I go back in to edit the post, the graphic shows up in the post, but not in the media library. To make it work, I have to re-upload the graphic to the media library and then add it as a feature image. I tried a couple of feature image plugins to make things work, but they showed they were converting the graphics to thumbnails, but they don’t show up. Any ideas? I have over 800 posts , so I would like to find an automated solution.

    My new blog address is http://personalsuccesstoday.com

    Thank you for your help.




    Better to use the WP Migrate DB plugin and export/import the database.

    You leave alot behind when you don’t use the old db.



    Thanks Brad,

    I exported the DB on my old site. How do I restore it on the new site? Do I use the import function or do I need a backup/restore program?



    You must add the new server path and new domain name in the WP Migrate DB plugin settings before exporting the db from your old domain.

    Then you simply create a new db on the new server and import the db using phpMyAdmin.



    Thanks for your help, Brad. I already have a db on the new server. Can I just overwrite it? Is there a restore plugin that I can use or will I need to use phpMyAdmin? I’m not very comfortable with the phpMyAdmin program. Is there instructions on doing a restore available?



    phpMyAdmin is simple.
    Select the new db from the sidebar and click import
    Browse for your sql file and click Go.

    Overwriting may cause problems.

    Its very easy.

    1. Create a new database on the new server
    2. Import the SQL file into the new database using phpMyAdmin
    2. Change the db conn ection settings in wp-config.php with the new dab name, user and password.

    Leave the other db on your new server until you are happy with the restoration and then delete it.

    I do not know what you have done on the new db which is why i suggest you create another one which is no problem.

    I’ve done hundreds of these and this is the best way to do it.

    The reason its not working now is because the WordPress export file does not contain the all the data you need to restore the site perfectly.

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