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    How do I create line breaks in my Featured Page widget on my home page to create nice looking easy to read paragraphs?

    The content from the page is displayed as one big chunk of text to the right of the graphic on the home page, even though in the page itself I have formatted the text to include paragraphs.

    I’ve looked everywhere in the forum and cannot see anyone else with the problem

    Corporate Child Theme
    Genisis Featured Page

    Web site: http://www.ripefruit.info

    Interestingly, the demo page has a line break (after the word: attention.):





    I’ve seen this before. For some reason, widget areas have issues with simple formatting from featured pages. I suggest you use a Text Widget (with <br><br> if necessary) and an href link to the real page.


    NewMedia Website Design




    You’re a champion.. thanks for the tip.

    Sounds like a tough solution for a non-techie but it may be the only way to achieve formatting.



    In the text widget there is a check-box to “recognize paragraphs” but I’ve seen that to fail as well. Worth a try.

    One last thing… on your Featured Page, take a look at the text via the Text tab on the editor and see if you see anything that maybe should not be there… perhaps some inline styles, or  <span> tags, etc.

    Another trick that works when formatting is screwed up is to “cut” (or copy/delete) all of the text from the WP editor and put it in a text editor (Notepad, TextWrangler…. NOT a wordprocessor like Word!) and then re-copy it and re-paste it back into the text editor of WP. If there is any un-printable junk in there is will often get left behind. Then go and put in any bold, italics, headings, pictures, etc.



    Take a look now.. I had to do some serious tweaking but given its the first thing visitors see, its important to get it right.

    I removed the Featured Widget altogether and replaced it with a text widget.  As dev said, it can be formatted.  I had to create a new image to include the border and spacing on right so that it looked right, and finally, add class=”more-link” to the Read More text link to achieve the little button effect, but it was worth it.

    Thanks everyone!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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