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    Elaine Griffin

    I have a couple of questions about a site where I’m using the grid, which I am loving, but have a limited understanding of. I’m using the code from Bill Erickson (http://www.billerickson.net/a-better-and-easier-grid-loop/). Thank you for that!
    Here are my questions:
    1. I’m confused about my featured images. They are not all sizing the same, and I can’t figure out what I’m missing.

    2. There is some sort of weirdness in the post meta and I have no idea how to fix it or what it is. “Read the full article »”

    3. Lastly, a couple of the articles aren’t lining up. Not sure how it happened, as they were fine yesterday!

    Thanks a bunch. This group has been so good to me this past week as I push my limits and continue to learn!



    My first recommendation is to install and run the regenerate thumbnails plugin – that will probably solve the issue with the featured images not being the same size.

    The articles may not be lining up because a) the images are not the same sizes and b) the post titles are not the same length. If you resolve both of these issues, they should line up correctly.

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    Elaine Griffin

    Thanks Susan. Unfortunately, Regenerate Thumbnails didn’t solve the issue, the images are still all multi-sized.

    As far as the posts lining up, I wouldn’t mind if they aren’t all the same length, but I would at least like them side-by-side, which they are not. I’m wondering, though, if it’s possible to choose character length and include the title in that?

    Also, I still wondering how to get rid of “Read the full article »” the “&raquo” is not showing up as the arrow, but as the code.


    Elaine Griffin

    Hey all! Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about this. I’ve been playing around and I’m still not getting it. I would love to finish this project.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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