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    Hello, I been working for a long time on this website, I have had my ups and downs with it and at times I really don’t like the look of it and it seems very slow.. I would appreciate any kind of honest opinions and maybe some tips to make it better. The client however does seem happy with it.


    Well, the most important part of your statement above is: “The client however does seem happy with it.” Go with that. Our job as web developers/designers is to give the client what “they want” and not what “we want them to have” or not “our vision”. Once our job is over, the client has to then live with it and promote it. So if your client is happy – you should be happy. I like the minimalistic look of it. It’s to the point and showcases the products they want to sell. No other distracting elements or colors – straight forward and to the point.

    But… what you could do… is what I do. I keep my client copy on my hosting account and I make it “better” for myself. Then, at a later date… when the newness wears off for the client – present the new mock up to them as it will be fresh for them. More than likely, they will hire you to make the change and they’ll be a happy client again. :)



    I also like the simplistic design that you made for your client. To me, simple is best and less is more.

    That’s a great idea, Anita! I will borrow that one.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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