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    I am so excited that the website I wrote for my husband’s real estate business, Arcara Residential, is going smoothly, since I am not a programmer and built this on my own, with many dumb questions for the studiopress people, the wordpress community, and a few “____ for Dummies” books scattered around me.  Plus google… “what is ftp?”  is an example of what I started with.  So this was a mountain of a learning curve, and I am in love with agentpress, studiopress, and the entire wordpress approach.  In fact, I have started writing a casual “real estate blog” on our site that has been a blast and has opened up a new hobby for me.

    I would love any feedback.

    Here is my latest thought process.  I am in the middle of redesigning our business cards, which have been very boring with a blank back side, and I was thinking of using a QR code on the back– we are about to start a couple of neighborhoods that appeal to first time home buyers, and I think many of them would be all too familiar with QR.  When they scan the QR code, I was thinking of having it pull up a squeeze page to capture them as a lead… but I’m not sure how well that works for real estate.   Do any of you use squeeze pages for a mobile landing?  I have not been unhappy with the way my site looks on a mobile phone, but if you are looking to grab a lead I thought it might need to look a little… well… squeezed.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, I keep reading about IDX and RETS… but all the information out there seems really specific, and I haven’t tackled that learning curve yet.  I am pretty sure the board of realtors site here supports both… any suggestions on the best way to start from scratch, learning about what you can do with that?  My husband was on the general impression that if you provide the MLS capability on your site, it just passed people through from your site, so if a prospective buyer was interested in a home they saw they would just call the agent listed on that home on MLS (not us).  Right now, when you search on our site, the only listings you get are ours, which isn’t great for people searching for a home.  I believe the technology probably lends itself to present your visitor  with lots of listings, but without passing them out of your site and into someone else’s hand… so with that revealing look into HOW LITTLE I know about this, would someone please point me toward the best way to become educated about what I can do?  Our company has both buyers’  and sellers’ agents, with a specialization in new construction– so we represent builders and need to still be able to feature them.  Agentpress works great for that.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!!  When I become an expert in anything, I will pay it back!



    Site looks good but the header doesn’t match the rest of the site. Otherwise, good job.


    Just Dave

    If I were you I would ask some very basic questions about what you want and need from your website.  Focus on the needs like communicating you firm’s message and showcasing your firm’s listings.  Beyond accomplishing those two relatively simple goals the competition becomes brutal.  For most agents and small firms it’s more cost effective to buy leads generated at other websites than it is to have a website that produces them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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