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    Guys i’ve built my first site using the Magazine Pro Theme on the Genesis Framework. Visit the site at and please pour in your suggestions, reviews or anything and everything you want to say about my site!


    It looks good. Are you going to put an author page up for yourself?



    Thanks for your feedback. Are you talking about something like a about me page. If so yes thinking about adding one!



    hey G

    im not a technical person but i am a business/marketer

    your site needs more colour, not more content but more colour, so the images for each post you need nice colorful hi res images, most professional publishers have a hd media kit for each book, see if you can source them for your featured books

    can you add the colours to the social icons, you just need a little more colour to brighten it up, have a look at you will see small touches of colour and hi res images, but not to much




    Thanks for your suggestion! Yes even i was thinking of it! I’ll soon add more colours!



    Looks good G,

    I would put the facebook or other more colourful widgets higher in the sidebar and/or make the top nav less bland (textured background or something else).




    Any idea on how to put them with the lowest impact on load times? I currently use the simple social icons plugins, can i do some tweaks in there or should i go with some other plugin? If you’re suggesting for a paid plugin then choose from wpmu dev collection ! I want it to look beautiful and have very less impact on performance!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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