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    in this section are such great websites, so I wanted to ask for feedback to my design.

    It is a minimal blog about love and related things in german:


    I am greatful for every hint or suggestion. Especially, Logo, Readability & Typography, Content-Width and Color would be interesting for me.


    Big Thank You & Keep on Rocking




    Wow. I usually find something to critique but I really love this. Ultra minimal, focused on the text, responsive, I love the font … I mean the only problem I have is I can’t read it … not your fault at all. It looks so good it makes me want to learn German just to spend some time there (German right?).



    Wow Nick, thanks for the kind words.It means a lot to me.

    Because sometimes when I design it is hard to tell, if the website is really looking great. The only real measurement is, if people stay longer on the website or do certain tasks. And so sometimes I get an urge to change a layout even if it looks great. So thanks and yes the site is in german. ;D



    Great job!  I love it!   Very unique! :)




    Really like this site! It’s great all around!  I like the clean look and feel, the font, the layout, and alot of little things, such as how the MEHR (which I think is MORE?) button is centered and in the same red color as the heading…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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