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    I’m having a problem setting up feed in Google’s feedburner.

    In google account, for “Burn a feed right this instant.” I enter http://www.bpharvesters.co.uk/ and click next. It tells me it has found the feed (/feed/) and I select that but on next stage it tells me there is a “not found” error.

    Never come across this problem before and /feed/ has worked on my other sites.

    Any ideas?



    Honestly, I wouldn’t even start using Feedburner. Google’s very likely to kill it off this year, next at the latest.

    http://www.bpharvesters.co.uk/feed/ is returning a “Page not found”… are there any articles (posts) published to be in your feed yet? I don’t see anything like that on the site…


    Andrea Rennick

    The WordPress feed only works for posts.

    It appears you have no posts on your site – thus there is nothing in your RSS feed.

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    aaahh, I didn’t realise it wouldn’t work with custom posts :(

    Yeah, I didn’t really want to use feedburner but don’t know of anything else. Do you know of something similar (that’s free!) that will auto send out updates of custom posts?



    What do you mean by “send out auto updates”? Every time you add a new post, it’s automatically updated on your site, so you could just use the built in feed for your custom post types. There’s nothing wrong with those feeds:




    Thanks Summer, but I don’t know how to use that like feedburner, so people can subscribe on your site and get sent it by email.



    You might be out of luck then, since most of the other update-by-email feed readers will charge you based on how many subscribers you have. FeedBlitz is one that a lot of RSS-to-email users have been moving to. Another is MadMimi, but I don’t know anything about their service.

    Because you’re using custom post types, I think you’d need to have multiple links, one for each post type, and set them up as separate feeds in Feedburner or whatever service you choose… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a service that aggregates several RSS feeds together to make it seem like one single feed to subscribe by email to. For those services, it’s typically a one-to-one setup.

    Just FYI, odds are that Feedburner will either be gone soon, or converted to a monetized app. In it’s current state, it’s been totally abandoned by Google, since 2011, and in 2012 they shut down the developer API & the Twitter account and let the feedburner.co.jp domain lapse, leaving anyone using Feedburner services there in the lurch.

    Then when Google killed off Reader last year, by far the biggest service using Feedburner, it led most people expect that Feedburner might be one of the services to go in this year’s Google Spring Cleaning.




    Thanks Brad, that’s a handy tip, and snippet!

    I’m grabbing that one :)



    Thanks Summer. I had heard before that it may not be around for long and I told client that, but he still wants to give it a whirl.

    Thanks Brad!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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