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    First I’d like to introduce my recently re-designed site. I’m currently using the News Pro theme. Overall I’ve been able to get the site working well. However, the footer section still vexes me.

    One reason I choose to use pre-built theme is to avoid having to dig deeper into code changes. I’m learning that this might be un-avoidable and will need to start learning the ins and outs of the code snips etc.

    I’m looking for any and all suggestions for the footer section of my site. Ideally I’d like to cut down the number of widget areas from 6 to 4 or even 3. I’ve read other post that mention editing the functions.php and style.css files. I briefly tried this and was unsuccessful. Since I’m green when it comes to coding, is there any other options for modifying or changing this part of the site?

    Does anyone have any suggestions to dress up this part of the site? Its my least favorite part of the theme but, there must be someone who has a better idea or suggestion to improve it.

    I’ve also tried not putting anything in the footer widgets and this just looked awkward with the black horizontal box at the bottom of the page? Is there an easy way to remove the footer sections entirely? Any feedback on the pros or cons of this?

    Another question is, how to center the “After Footer” copyright section. I’ve noticed several post that talk about it. However, I’m just not “getting it” and thought some might have an easier explanation or suggestion.


    For reducing footer widgets from 6 to 3 code has to changes in functions.php file and style.css file, you can follow this tutorial for seek professional support [iguiding AT gmail DOT com].

    If you do not like footer widgets area, you can easily remove them. Goto widgets area in WordPress Dashboard and remove all widget added to footer sections.

    How have to added footer text to your theme as it is being generated outside footer class?



    Thanks Davinder,

    I’m onboard with learning how to edit the code. However, my first round of attempting this resulted in the correct number of widget areas but the sizing of each widget area remained the same smaller width size. Where can I find instructions on how to edit not only the number of widgets in the footer, but also how to resize the widgets to the appropriate width after it has been deducted from 6 to whatever number I have decided on?

    I believed I used simple edit for the footer that exist right now for the copyright.

    Thanks for the reply.


    As of now site has 6 footer widgets, look for following code in style.css file

    .footer-widgets-6 {
    	width: 160px;

    Each widget has 160px width. To have different width for each widget, you can delete above code and use following instead.

    .footer-widgets-1 {width: 160px; }
    .footer-widgets-2 {width: 160px; }
    .footer-widgets-3 {width: 160px; }
    .footer-widgets-4 {width: 160px; }
    .footer-widgets-5 {width: 160px; }
    .footer-widgets-6 {width: 160px; }

    When you switch to 3 widget using code on this link []. Using similar method above, you can use different width for footer widgets.

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