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    I’ve upgraded a couple of my sites to Genesis 2.0 and switched them over to HTML5 mode. I’ve figured out most of the issues that arose pretty quickly (hoping that Prose theme will be updated swiftly as it’s not saving the custom styles properly – I have to manually update classes each time!!) But this one is stumping me:

    My footer text (the text below the Prose footer widgets, outside of the content wrapper) is normally aligned to the right. To the left is my “return to the top” link. Upon switching over to HTML5 mode, this link is missing and my footer text is left-aligned. How can I fix this?

    Here’s one page to illustrate (sorry for the long page… my site with shorter pages is on a development server!):

    The text beginning with “Copyright…” should be right-aligned. What should I do to fix this and get it lined up?


    text-align: right;


    in your CSS.



    Thanks, that worked to get things aligned properly. Unfortunately it didn’t bring back my “return to top” link on the left :(



    Interesting that there are now several POSTS with this issue “return to top” link and NOT ONE of them have been addressed by anyone with HTML5 and GENESIS 2.0 expertise.

    I would think this a fairy easy fix. The old css structure was #wrap and its been changed to .site-container so I think this involves a Functions Call as well as modified HTML5 code to make it work again.

    How about it Dev Wizes ???



    Ok, I figured this out…not sure why NO ONE at SP chimed in to assist here ??

    Everyone that had been using:


    Just remove the wrap and leave “#” and all is well.

    div class="gototop">
        <p><a href="#" rel="nofollow">TOP OF PAGE</a></p>
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