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    I could use a little help with some formatting issues in the News-Pro theme. Although I am by no means an expert I have been making some adjustments to the News-Pro style.css to customize line spacing on headers, change the default colors etc. but I have been unable to find a solution to the three following problems:

    1. The abbreviated posts on the home page of my wife’s travel blog always come up as center justified – I would at least like to have them left justified but would actually prefer to fully justify them if this was possible.

    2. Similar to #1 comments made on the posts are center justifying – again I am looking to left or fully justify them

    3. All blog posts seem to default to center justify – I can of course change this during the creation of each post BUT I would prefer that the default came up as full justification.

    Any help or suggestions on how to resolve any or all of these issues would be appreciated.

    Thank you in anticipation



    Try for 1 & 3:

     .entry-content p {


    .comment-content {

    The reason why you are having the issue is that the body element is set to :

    body {
        font: 14px/20px 'Helvetica',Arial,sans-serif;
        text-align: center;

    So any element that does not have a CSS definition will inherit the body – which will center things. It would be easier to have the default say set to text-align:left and then fix things from there, but doing this now may create more issues to fix from what already has been done. – anyway hth

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by  neilgee.
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