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    My site is:

    My site is working fine but I noticed the other day that the widget area (appearance -> widget) is not working with the drag and drop feature anymore. (Also, I am able to add/delete widgets to the all sections except for Footer 3 which is no longer visible; the text widget that I had there is still working, though.)

    This is not an emergency, but obviously I would like to fix these two problems.

    I have deactivated all non-essential plugins to see if there is any conflict. I have also gone to screen options in the upper right hand corner and it is not responding. I am reluctant to try theme Twenty Twelve until the weekend.

    My site updated to the latest build of Genesis automatically and I also did an update of All-in-One-Calendar. Could there possibly be a conflict from one of these two updates?

    Note, I am using jQuery UI Widgets to support another widget I am using for the site. I have tried deactivating it but that hasn’t helped fix my problem.

    I appreciate any advice.


    Gary Jones

    Sounds like it’s mostly likely going to be a JavaScript error somewhere.

    If you go to the widgets screen, and hit F12, your browser will likely open a toolbar at the bottom – have a look through for anything called console, or script errors, and report back what it says.

    Best to disable ALL plugins, temporarily.

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    Thank you, Gary–I did go back and deactivate the other plugins and it turns out that the problem was caused by a plugin for youtube. The widget page is working well now.

    Thanks for having me go back and and deactivate the other plugins!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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