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    I have periodically posted valid comments or questions on the Studiopress blogs when they come out. I even post on Nick’s and on Brian’s and I did one on Bill Erickson’s. None of my comments have ever been posted – they all sit there in moderation. That’s really frustrating to go back to where I posted and see that my comments are still in moderation, but others have been approved after mine. That’s not very encouraging to see that or even want to participate. This whole process… transition or whatever it is… is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth and I think my interaction on here is about to come to a halt and find something better to do with my time.

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    I moved this from the forum suggesting because it has nothing to do with the forums.

    Sorry if you have posted on my blog and not had it show up right away. I think you can understand that I’m very busy and don’t often make it to my blog to handle comment moderation. Typically I do this on a day off so about once a week. I work two full time jobs and right now I’m doing about 120 hours per week between the two and haven’t actually taken a day off for a while. So please do forgive some delays. You may notice users comments coming in after you have posted because they weren’t held for moderation. I am using the default moderation settings with Askimet so I’m not sure why your comments would be held as I know I’ve approved at lease one of your comments.

    That said, please do understand that comments on someone else’s blog is not even remotely related to this new system for my.studiopress. Not even if the comments on on the StudioPress blog which is still running the same as it was before.


    Daisy Olsen

    The way members of this forum choose to manage the content on their personal website does not relate, in any way, to this forum. Any issues that you might have with individual websites should be directed to them individually with full knowledge that they are retain full discretion about how they choose to handle comment moderation on their own sites.  I can understand how feeling that you are not being heard can be frustrating but this is not the place to voice those frustrations.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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