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    Hey all,

    I use streamline 2 child theme and on one site more than a year ago I was able to get the featured image to be full sized across my post that is full page layout.



    I am trying to do this again on another site but cannot figure out how I got it to do it. When I upload the image and set it as featured post it points it to a smaller version made by wordpress. Any suggestions? I cannot find any code that has been change or anything in the css that would make this happen.


    Thanks in advance,





    Try this:

    You can change the conditional tag and hook.



    Its weird I have one instance of streamline theme that has the featured images able to be 960 wide when the post is in full page layout and another instance of word press with same theme which will not let me make featured image that large. ┬áThe functions.php files are the same (i used a diff tool to check). I don’t remember what i did to get the first site to do it so i can get the second one to behave the same way. At this point its more of a quest to find out how the first one is doing it than to find another way of doing it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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