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    Hi all,

    These questions are specific to WordPress, but not necessarily to Genesis, and has been bugging me for a long time:

    Am I correct in thinking, if a home page is made up of images, no text, this isn’t great for search engines?

    If a homepage is made up of widgets, and one of those widgets includes text, does a search engine get to see that text when it crawls it?

    What I’m building up to is, is the best method, for SEO purposes, to have some text on the page, as apposed to inside a widget?

    Many thanks all, any insight greatly appreciated!




    You can set custom SEO keywords, title, etc. for your homepage in your Genesis SEO settings, so even if it doesn’t have text content, you can tell search engines what the page is about. You can also help that process by adding alt text and titles to the homepage images.

    I wouldn’t add text just for the sake of adding text… Using the SEO settings to specify info for the homepage should be just fine. Hope that helps!

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    I was sure I saw meta settings for the homepage. Where is that located again in Genesis? I think I just realized why it’s not inside Genesis >> Theme Settings. I have installed the Yaost SEO plugin it overides the Genesis SEO settings.

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    Thanks for your replies. I think, time was, you’d stuff your pages with text and keywords. I get the impression things have changed so I suppose the meta info would suffice.
    I use Yoast too, and the Genesis meta settings you mention are probably overridden / replaced by Yoast.

    Still, the question remains, do search engines see the content if a pages content is made up of widgets…?

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