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    You is talking about getting emails about status updates on the beta version or blog posts on the official StudioPress blog?

    I just follow Brian on twitter to get some updates from him.




    I’m not concerned about the beta version, though that was announced. Updates on the production version either by blog post or e-mail would be fine.



    I understand the impatience, I am in the same boat, can’t wait and I have 3 active projects that I just went with G1.9 because I have to get them out there. .

    However, you have to understand that developing and delivering a software product is much more complex than many other things, like say building a website.

    WP3.6 comes out, I’m sure they have a whole suite of tests to run through, last minute fixes to answer for last minute changes in WP3.6. You simply can not predict these things.

    OTOH: if they were to pull the trigger too quickly with a little glitch here, or a needed tweak there, then sure enough the forum will explode with questions and bug reports, and complaints about it not being ready.

    It is a tough balance (be thankful we’re not dealing with M$oft)

    I keep checking my email just waiting for the announcement, like a kid waiting for the mailman to deliver a birthday present.. I know the wait will be worth it. I know in September or October I’ll look back and an extra week or two of waiting will be well worth it.

    I am personally grateful to get such an insane value for more than a reasonable price..

    BTW – When did they say it’ll be coming out? ;)

    Rusty Eddy



    I see that 2.0 has been released. Now to see what all the goodness has brought !



    it just did .. :)



    With two themes. I guess I’ll be trying it on a test site this evening.



    Thanks Guys, just updated and it’s working a treat.

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    Am I dumb or I just can’t find these stuff? How to use them, I can’t find such field or tool etc ???

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