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    Hello Community,

    I used to build Joomla sites using youjoomla themes and I recently decided to dig into wordpress template design and website building. In order to build templates for my customers I would like to be very flexible when it comes to design, layout and features.

    I checked 3 days for all available wordpress frameworks and all have pro and cons. So far gantry is on my list, but I am just a bit frustrated that I am tied to the framework so much while developing.

    Some things that are important to me:

    – SEO optimized (I know you got that covered and it’s important to me)
    – LightWeight Code, Modern Code (less css, css overrides with one file, html5)
    – Fast loading time of page
    – Fair Price (I think your price is fair if Gensis is what I think)
    – Updating Core while keeping my developed theme untouched (I think your child theme feature will provide this)
    – In frontend I want all head URL references to point to my companies or customers folder name (or theme name).
    – I will need a very flexible mega menu either with Genesis or using a ThirdParty Plugin like ubermenu (this plugin won’t work with gantry’s latest version)
    – Community (well, I found this right here)
    – Focus on important features in backend rather then making it feature rich with bugs

    Is there a feature video with your Genesis Beta 2 at this point or even a test installation I could use? I would like to pay, but first I need to get a touch on the backend to see what I can do. Before I spend hours getting to know the insides of a framework, I want to make sure that the chosen framework supports my developing process and won’t limit me to just framework specific plugins. I am currently testing all Frameworks with WordPress on my server.


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    Heres a few videos you could check out :

    But YES to all your things important to you, you should not be limited by Genesis at all, think of it as a very well coded Parent Theme which you build all your child themes from. So when Genesis gets updated your child theme stays untouched.

    I’ve been developing with genesis for a while now and would not change, only thing is like any framework there is a learning curve.

    Not sure on a Genesis Beta test installation tbh maybe contact the guys @studiopress pre-sales department


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