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    Wayne K

    This seemed like the most likely place to post but please let me know if I’m in the wrong place.  Has anyone had any experience using My Wishlist Member with the Genesis framework? When I ask all they will tell me is that it is compatible with “most themes”.


    Robert Neu

    Wishlist member SUCKS. I mean it really REALLY sucks. It conflicts with genesis in a number of ways and is just generally annoying to work with,

    They encrypt all of their plugin files so the only way to interact with the plugin is using their limited API.

    You might want to check out as alternatives.

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    I am using Amember and that seems to work fine and is a god system



    I haven’t had any problems with wishlist member in genesis themes. I’ve got about 4 sites going with it and we love it. we use 1shoppingcart for our ecommerce and wishlist just seems to integrate best with them.



    I’m using it with a slightly customized version of the eleven40 theme.  So far, it seems compatible with the theme, but it has also had a number of glitches…not the least of which is suddenly deciding that the license key is already in use on another site (it is not), which means the site is not working AT ALL right now.  Additionally, it periodically fails to allow people onto pages that it’s supposed to allow based on their membership level, but this is inconsistent and I can’t pin down why it happens sometimes.  Overall, I’ve been pretty unhappy with it, but I can’t say it conflicts with Genesis.



    Meeshiefeet, did you try logging into the WishList site and manage your URL from there? I had to do that for my last install when we went from the temp URL. Then I was able to re-enter the license key.

    I’ve been working with WishList Member, Genesis & 1ShoppingCart for a while now, but have an issue where each new member subscriber is being given User Permissions for the Genesis Admin Menus (SEO settings & import/export menu) – I am manually turning them off but that has to stop and I have never turned those on for random people to get into the back of the site. I can’t figure out whether it’s Genesis or WishList giving this permission and I’ve got to resolve it.

    Does anyone else know where the issue lies and how to fix it? It’s probably right in front of me but I haven’t had to do it before.

    Thanks in advance!



    Yes, that is exactly what I had to do.  It was a problem of the site being https instead of http, and it is perfectly understandable for them to consider it a different URL, except that the switch to https had occurred several months earlier and everything worked just fine, until it didn’t.

    Kellywilliamsva, you’ve probably already tried this, but there is a setting in the WL area under Membership Levels.  If you edit the level in question, there is a “Role” dropdown box that should be set to “Subscriber”.  This may or may not be the problem.  When you create a new Membership Level, that dropdown is hidden under “Advanced Settings”, so you need to click that link to see it.

    Good luck!




    Thanks, meeshiefeet!

    I did check that the members were all in Subscriber roles under Advanced Settings and asked WishList for help but they think it’s theme-based. Unfortunately, something in Genesis is giving these folks access to the Genesis Admin Menu, SEO and Import/Export menus :-/

    I’ll add a new post.

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