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    I put the Genesis eNews and Updates widget in the sidebar of the (in)SPYR Vapor Blue child theme, but it is a bit too big to fit, causing the “Go” button to go to the next line. Is there any way to modify the size of the email address text box?



    It helps immensely if you include a link to your site with all questions.

    John “Nicolas Flamel” Wright | SoZo’s design| John Wright Photography



    Never mind. :) After updating my theme (had an old version), I found a section of code to modify the eNews widget. I made a couple changes to padding and the size of the text box and made it work for me. Here’s what my code looks like.

    /*** eNews and Update Widget */
    .enews p { padding:0px 0px 0px 10px; }
    .enews #subscribe { padding:0 0 0 15px; }
    .enews #subbox { margin:0px;padding:10px 0px 10px 5px;width:70%; }

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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