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    So I replaced the black G (Genesis favicon) with my own – seems to work on browsers etc. However, with Pinterest’s rich snippets it is still appearing as the black G – any advice? Example:

    Rich snippets just sort of happened for me – I did nothing to set them up etc – must just be a part of the theme?

    Child theme I’m using is Pretty Young Thing.


    I always copy it into multiple locations as my own best practice. I copy it into the Genesis Framework images folder, my child theme image folder and I also copy it into my root folder. Keep in mind, when Genesis is updated – it may overwrite it though.



    Yea I definitely replaced the favicon in all three places…



    This code has never failed me pre- 2.0. I think it will still work in 2.0:

    // Load custom favicon
    add_filter( ‘genesis_pre_load_favicon', 'custom_favicon_filter’ );
    function custom_favicon_filter( $favicon_url ) {
    return '‘;



    Where should I put that? If in the functions.php file – does it go in the genesis functions or the child theme, and once there – where abouts in there?




    Just put it at the end of functions.php. Of course you need to create a favicon.ico file and put it somewhere (i.e. like in images folder or just in the web root or anywhere you like) and put in the appropriate path to that file. As long as you code the URL correctly, it should work on all browsers.



    Which functions php? Gensis or the child theme I’m using?



    The child theme.

    Works like a charm so long as you code the URL of the favicon correctly.

    Using other methods works with some browsers but not others. And you also have to often wait for a cache to clear. But when you put it in the code, it works each and every time. Never fails… unless they have done something in Gen 2.0 to mess it up… but I doubt it. I think I’ve tried it with 2.0… don’t remember. I’m sure someone here will give it a go with 2.o and report back.




    Pasted that on my test site and it did this: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home3/burnett/public_html/ on line 105



    What exactly did you paste?

    Or maybe you missed a quote mark (must be regular quote mark, not a “smart” quote.

    Hint: First past the code into a text editor like Notpad or whatever you use (NOT a wordprocessor). Then copy it from there and paste it in your code.

    You might have left out the final semi-colon?



    I got the same problem that burnettsboards got. You’d think Genesis would have an EASY way to change the favicon, or, even better, NOT change the site’s favicon. Such a PITA to switch it back. WTF guys. This is a paid program. I shouldn’t have to paste code anywhere to RESTORE my favicon.

    Seems like Genesis could just put a line in that says “Where’s your favicon?” and a normal person could just paste in the path to the icon. Why hasn’t that happened? Why is Genesis replacing a sites’ favicon with their own?



    You should be able paste this type of HTML:

    <link rel=”icon” type=”image/ico” href=””/>

    into the ‘header’ box in Genesis and it should work.

    I use code at the end of functions.php of the theme and so far have not had any problems with it.



    Both Firefox and Chrome are notorious about caching favicons, and literally I’ve had to make sure that when I update a site, I update the main and the child theme favicons before I switch themes, else I have no choice but to shut down my browser and restart to get the default Genesis icon to clear out.

    That is one thing I like about some of the ZigZag themes, they give you a place to load up your favicon if you’re not the type who likes to go digging thru code or replacing images :)

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    That is so true with FF and Chrome. This is why so many people like to use code (assuming you can get it to work!) because it eliminates the caching issue with favs.



    I am having the same issues above. Any one know the best way to change the favicon?

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