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    I am using the Epik theme and would like to add three text boxes as shown here in the “Home Page Top” section. I do not want to feature a page as shown in the description but instead only want three boxes with text. I currently an using the three text widget only ( the area with blue background with the title “Sorry Under Construction”) but want the style and colors as shown in the example. Hope this makes sense.

    Thank you in advance.


    Hello, the developer of the Epik theme provides support via his own Community Forum here. I think you would get a better response there as it’s a third party theme.


    Hi, I am aware of the support for the Epik theme, however the theme with the example of what we are looking for is a Studiopress. I can only then guess they know how to do what we are looking for whereas the people at Epik may not as it is not on their theme.

    Many thanks



    Wes is very familiar with Studiopress themes. and can provide you with that coding. Again Epik is a third party theme and each developer has their own coding style. Most of the people who area assisting on here don’t have access to Epik’s code. He would be the best person to ask for that level of detail.



    Hi Iain,

    (This is actually a question of styling Epik, not borrowing from StudioPress.)

    That section is actually called “Home-Bottom” (“The Home – Bottom widget area will display 3 widgets horizontally across the Home Page just below the Slider. “) If you want that styling on Epik for the “under construction” section on your page (“welcome” section) try the following code in the bottom of your style.css file. Adjust as necessary for your content as it changes.

    .welcome {
        background: #f5f5f5 !important;
    .welcome-features .widget-wrap {
        background-color: #fff;
        border-top: 1px solid #ececec;
        padding-top: 40px;
        margin-bottom: 40px;
    .welcome-feature-1 .widgettitle, 
    .welcome-feature-2 .widgettitle, 
    .welcome-feature-3 .widgettitle {
        color: #fff;
        margin: 0 0 30px !important;
        padding: 0 0 30px !important;
        border-bottom: 1px solid #ececec;
    .welcome p, .welcome h4 {
        color: #000 !important;
        padding: 30px;
    .welcome h4 {
        text-transform: uppercase !important;
    .welcome-feature-1 .widget-title, 
    .welcome-feature-2 .widget-title, 
    .welcome-feature-3 .widget-title {
        padding: 30 0 30px;

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    Thank you for taking time out to respond and pointing me in the right direction. I will direct any future questions to Wes @ Epik.



    Your explanation of styling versus borrowing set off my light bulb so to speak :-) Apologies for my mistake and many thanks for the detailed explanation and code which I am off to try right now.

    Could you recommend the best book for a novice like myself so that I avoid asking at least the basic questions?





    There’s no single book that will reveal all :)

    If you have a question about a particular theme it’s usually best to check with the publisher and their support crew because they’ll know best how to approach their particular design. Wes and the Appfinite team provide great support for their themes, as do all of the publishers, I think. If it’s a hard error, there may be some question of “Genesis” vs “theme” as the root cause, but most are sorted without drama.

    As for learning how to achieve a look or revise a theme, there are a great many sites maintained by Genesis pros and fans alike that can be a great help. I’d make a list, except I know I’d leave out some really good resources.

    I’d suggest you start with your theme author, the StudioPress tutorials/code snippets and follow #GenesisWP on Twitter and/or Google Plus. Setup a local server on your laptop or desktop, experiment and don’t be afraid to break something.

    Good luck with your site.

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