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    Jamie Mitchell

    hey all !

    yeh, this is kinda urgent, just trying to keep important clients happy :)

    having a serious issue witjh the plugin, it keep printing the date strangely

    i use [post_time], [post_date format="l, F j"] in the post info, and have done so for ages

    but suddenly it looks like this

    7:00 pm , &q000000201331;Wednesday,



    i’m sure Nick will be updating the plugin soon, i doubt he’s noticed this error.

    i’ve been able to fix the error by doing the following (you’ll be editing the actual plugin files which is a NO-NO, but if you’re up against the wall with a client, not much else you can do (i’ve been there):

    go into the plugin directory (should be genesis-featured-widget-amplified)
    open the widget.php file
    go down to about line 1122 and find

    do_shortcode( esc_html__( $instance[‘post_info’] ) ) );

    and replace with

    do_shortcode( $instance[‘post_info’] ) );

    i know it’s only a temporary fix, but it should get your customer’s site back up for now.


    Jamie Mitchell

    Ozzy, huge hug ! and 1000 thankyou’s !

    been at one end of the web to another to resolve this issue today with no help from anyone (sad) and hours of time wasted, but with your fix it was resolved in 30 sec.

    client is very happy


    thanks again



    glad i could be of assistance! (hugs and thank you’s are always appreciated!)

    if you haven’t posted your issue on the actual plugin page in the wordpress repository, i would do so to make sure Nick is aware of the issue. if you have, i’m sure he’ll get around to updating it properly in short order.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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