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    Has anyone else had the problem when using the Features posts widget and a responsive theme?

    I’m using a tweaked version of the Sample Genesis child theme with Genesis. Latest version of WordPress 3.5.1

    The thumbnail image tags html output includes the width and height of the thumbnail. Internet Explorer 8 (seems only to be a prob IE 8 in standards mode) squishes the thumbnails up horizontally. If I delete the width and height using the Developer Tools feature the images pop back to the desired size.

    The site is under development so you will only be able to view it temporarily on this link:

    I may have got it completely wrong but I believe for the responsive image sizing to work you need to NOT include image dimensions in the img tag.

    Any thoughts gratefully received.


    Jen Baumann

    For IE8, you can try just adding width: auto for the img tag. max-width: 100% for the image tag (elsewhere in the stylesheet takes care of responsive)

    img {
      height: auto;
      width: auto;

    If you need technical support for your theme please file a ticket.

    The forums are community based. Staff only monitors the forum for issues relating to the forum itself and to redirect users to where they need to go.



    Perfect, that worked.

    Thank you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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