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    Hi everyone. I have 2 questions which I am sure others are curious to know the answer to as well.

    1. When I see wordpress templates that say they are “Genesis 2″ templates, does this mean that the code has been approved by Genesis or they have followed some type of Genesis coding format? My understanding is that Genesis templates are great for SEO, so I want to use them. But the templates are limited to only what is on the studiopress website. I also do not want to make my own template or hire a developer (the whole point of buying templates.) Here is an example of what I’m talking about

    2. There are several templates on the studiopress website that aren’t made my studiopress, but are 3rd party. The “Modern Blogger” theme is an example. Have these themes been carefully reviewed by Studiopress staff to ensure that they are the same level of SEO code cleanliness as the original Genesis themes?

    Both of my questions pertain to simply making sure that the theme I purchase will be 100% Genesis Framework type code. It’s obvious that the Genesis Framework is great for SEO code cleanliness, so these questions will give me some relief.

    Thanks everyone!


    1. This means that the child theme is coded to be compatible with the Genesis 2.0 framework. It does not mean it has been “approved” by StudioPress

    2. (Disclaimer – I work for Pretty Darn Cute, the creator of Modern Blogger) – 3rd party themes used to be referred to as “Community Marketplace Themes”, and this is what Brian Gardner wrote in a blog post when the Community Marketplace was first introduced:

    we assure you that the design and coding of the themes are top-notch.

    Typically, a theme designer will go through a “code audit” before a theme is released.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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