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    I’m running WordPress 3.6, Genesis 2.0, your Back Country child theme, and just installed the Genesis Responsive Slider. When I adjust the settings inside the dashboard, only some of them take effect. I can change the fade time and which category of posts to call in, but I can’t seem to adjust the size of the slideshow. I found a code snippet on the installation notes on the slider’s WordPress page (see below) and added this to my child theme’s functions.php file as follows, and still cannot get the size to change. It’s displaying the slideshow too wide so the next/prev arrows are half cut off, as one example, so I tried to reduce the width to 800 to no avail. Any help is welcome. Site is .

    add_filter( 'genesis_responsive_slider_settings_defaults', 'backcountry_responsive_slider_defaults' );
    function backcountry_responsive_slider_defaults( $defaults ) {
        $defaults = array(
            'post_type' => 'post',
            'posts_term' => 'home-slideshow',
            'exclude_terms' => '',
            'include_exclude' => '',
            'post_id' => '',
            'posts_num' => 21,
            'posts_offset' => 0,
            'orderby' => 'date',
            'slideshow_timer' => 4000,
            'slideshow_delay' => 800,
            'slideshow_arrows' => 1,
            'slideshow_pager' => 1,
            'slideshow_loop' => 1,
            'slideshow_height' => 500,
            'slideshow_width' => 900,
            'slideshow_effect' => 'slide',
            'slideshow_excerpt_content' => 'excerpts',
            'slideshow_excerpt_content_limit' => 150,
            'slideshow_more_text' => '[Continue Reading]',
            'slideshow_excerpt_show' => 1,
            'slideshow_excerpt_width' => 50,
            'location_vertical' => 'bottom',
            'location_horizontal' => 'right',
            'slideshow_hide_mobile' => 1
        return $defaults;


    Adding to my post above, I just discovered if I add this code below to my child theme’s stylesheet, I can change the size, but I am still confused as to why the size settings in the dashboard don’t work, and if the PHP code above is necessary to add to the child theme’s functions.php file or if I can delete that and just use the dashboard settings?

    #genesis-responsive-slider {
    background-color: #FFFFFF;
    border: 10px solid #EEEEEE;
    margin: 0 auto;
    padding: 10px;
    position: relative;
    width: 800px;



    Hello. Not sure if this is related to above but I also am using WP 3.6, Genesis 2, and the Legacy theme (which was just updated for G2).

    I am having problems getting the content of the slider (from existing posts) to fit or clip within the boundaries of the slider itself, and staying flush with the left and right edges.

    Do the images used in posts or pages that are displayed here, have to fit specific dimensions (for starters)? Or should any image it uses be resized to fit the slider (by WP on the fly)?



    Hi CinemaJunky,
    Thanks for adding your thoughts above. I resized all my pics first (because I like control over sharpening them, etc.) to 450 x 450 pixels and tried to set up the size of the slider box to fit them. The height seemed ok… but when I experimented with making the height taller, it didn’t change the size. It also pulled in the captions on the right overlaying my images as the default. I would think the default would be smart enough not to? I had to fiddle with the percentage width for those and that setting seemed to take inside the dashboard… but adjusting the overall width did not until I got into the CSS.

    Helpful tip for you StudioPress folks – since your documentation on the WordPress site talks about the PHP I referenced above being needed for child themes, that isn’t mentioned on your main site here where you talk about the easy setup for this plug-in… and since most of use child themes if we need to use the PHP to override the dashboard settings, that’s key.



    I seem to be having the same problem as CinemaJunky. I am also using the Legacy theme but this misalignment problem seems to be common to several child themes. Could it be possible the slider needs to be updated to be functional with the new Genesis 2.0 upgrade? Does anyone have any suggestions to a possible fix? I would really appreciate any help.



    I believe that is the case. This slider has not been updated in a while and is not even worthy of a 1.0 designation in the mind of the developers apparently. :)

    It makes no sense that they sell certain 3rd party Genesis themes through this site (approved, checked themes), which use THEIR slider, yet they provide neither documentation to customize the design elements inside the slider (for all themes they sell), nor a basic Wiki or FAQ beyond installation tips.

    Their idea of support is apparently responding randomly to certain help requests in this forum. I sent them a support request via their form and they actually sent me to another forum. Not a single piece of advice in terms of settings, etc.

    Was considering their hosting service with “high quality support” and “feeling like a partner” but I think that only applies to people like Yoast (big shots who can make a big noise if they’re not happy)… the rest of us get sent to various forums with a “good luck”.

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