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    Hi there –

    I’m using the Genesis Responsive Slider with the Outreach theme and have set it up, including image sizes, per the instructions on the “how to” page. But clearly I’m making an error somewhere because the images are not filling the slider.

    The test site here.

    I must be staring right at the setting error but just can’t see it! Thanks for any help.



    Your images need to be the same size as set in the Slider settings.  Currently the images are 920px wide but they need to match the the width of the 1040px setting of the Slider.



    Marc, thanks, but that doesn’t help me much because:

    The photos were uploaded at 1040×400
    When I set the featured image, I set it to use the 1040×400 size
    When I embed the image in the post, it’s also embedded at the 1040×400 size
    The slider settings are set to 1040×400

    Some setting must be resizing it but I don’t know where. I haven’t modified the original functions.php file that came with Outreach and would set the image sizes.



    Chris Cree

    Heya Tammy!

    It does look like it is using a resized version of the image for some reason. For example one of the images in the slider is: davis-920×400.png instead of the original davis.png.

    Is it possible that the slider is pulling the “Large” size instead of the original size?



    Hey, Chris, great to see you here! I hope all is well with you and Lisa and that CO continues to be a good place.

    I think you’re onto something. How would I check into that? On the slider settings page I don’t see any setting like that and the widget itself just directs me to the slider settings page.



    Chris Cree

    Heya Tammy!

    Colorado is beyond wonderful. We love it out here. Well, the fire thing was a little too up close and personal this summer. But that’s behind us now.

    On the slider, I have to confess I use Soliloquy for most things these days so I’m not sure on the inner workings of the Genesis slider. – Honestly I would have stayed out of the conversation probably but I saw it was you. :P

    Since the Slider settings are 1040×400 something seems like it’s amis. Did you upload the images after those dimentions were set in the slider? I’ve had issues where I changed the settings and the images don’t change. I had to re-upload the images to get it working.

    Or maybe you can rebuild those thumbnails with something like:



    Woohoo, that was it, Chris! I uploaded the images, then noticed the slider was set to its default size of 920, so changed the slider setting to 1040. I just deleted the original images, re-loaded them, and all is well.

    You’re a good sleuth, thank you.

    P.S. I’ll never forget those videos you posted of the fire. They scared the wits out of me all the way here in NH.


    Chris Cree

    Yeah. It’s the little things that sometimes cause the biggest frustrations – like the order we do stuff. Glad it’s sorted for you.

    Lisa was pretty scared by the fire too. I thought about why I wasn’t so much. I guess it’s ’cause I had to gear up and go into burning structures in shipboard firefighting training both with the merchant marine and the Navy. I knew it was time to go but that we weren’t in imminent danger. Still, if I never have to go through that again it’s A-OK with me. :)



    I am having the same issues, what kind of free software available to help me resize the image and re upload the images in wordpress ?


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