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    When I post a link from my blog to Facebook instead of pulling the featured image or the picture from the blog post it chooses random images from my site to associate with a link that I am sharing. I am not using a SEO plugin, I am using the Genesis SEO instead, do I have to implement another SEO plugin to fix this?


    I don’t think that Genesis SEO settings have anything to do with cross-posting in any way, nor in determining image selection.

    What are you using to post to Facebook? A plugin, or are you just pasting a link into FB?

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    Hi, I am encountering the exact same issue as arobe, Facebook is just selecting random irrelevant images. Of course, it needs to be told using Open Graph meta data what image to use (not that it always respects that, I am a veteran of such battles believe me!) Is there a Genesis plug for that, or, is there a plugin you would recommend, such as perhaps this one?

    Arobe, there’s a facebook debug tool here which may tell you in advance what image it may grab from your page:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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