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    Hello, I searched around and I believe this is some sort of known issue but I did not find a satisfactory solution.

    Genesis theme.  The first image of every blog post is aligned to the left (on the homepage).  When I go to the actual blog post page itself, eg, the photos appear the way I want them to appear on the homepage.

    I am new to Genesis and have been playing with the css so I might have messed something up, any help would be appreciated!


    Dorian Speed

    Hi – right now, I’m getting the “parse error” message when I try to look at your site, which means you should put back the original functions.php file via FTP.

    The homepage is styled differently; without looking at how you have it set up, though, I can’t tell you what you need to change. When you say “Genesis theme,” you mean that you are using the default child theme, right? Not that you are editing the actual framework files?

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    Hi Dorian, yep, you are correct I was trying some things with the functions.php and got locked out, I did reupload the functions file and site is showing again,  And yep I am using the default child theme, only edits that I have made have been to the style.css and the child functions.php.  Thanks for your willingness to take a look!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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