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    The Genesis update seems to be eliminating my partial width header on some sites but not on others and I’m at a total loss!

    I’d welcome any suggestions, or news from anyone else experiencing the same problem!

    More details: here’s an example of a site successfully updated and looking exactly as it should:

    In sub-domains there are half a dozen more WP sites that look identical, all successfully update with WP 3.6 and Genesis 2.0

    BUT.. on another site, hosted at Synthesis and so with a different set of plugins, the update caused the header logo to disappear. I was only able to fix the problem by asking the hosting to restore the previous version of Genesis.

    Then, this morning, on this site, I tried the update (uses the News child theme, the others use Agency), and the same problem occurred. Header logo replaced with site name and strapline.

    Trying to fix that, I deactivated all the plugins, hoping to identify if one of them was causing the problem. No luck. It remained the same.

    Then I tried deleting Genesis 2.0, to reinstall the previous version, and the result was a broken site! Probably my own fault. I’m hoping the Synthesis guys will be able to restore it from backup, but, assuming that’s successful, that still leaves me with the old version of Genesis, and no idea what is causing the problem…

    Summary: 6 or so sites on godaddy with minimal plugins (they’re just localised versions of the main site), all updated, all fine.

    But 2 sites on synthesis, one restored to previous genesis, one broken and waiting restoration, neither able to update without ruining the look of the site..

    Tried a support ticket the first time (a week or so ago) but they were unable to help….


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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