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    Please help me someone!

    I have just logged on to a site I haven’t touched for a good few months and before doing content updates I wanted to update the WP version running and also the version of Genesis running.

    The site is:

    I updated WP but the Genesis install failed and now the site is down and I can’t access the WP Dashboard at all!

    What can this be and how can I fix it asap?!




    Nick Davis

    Hi Alana

    Do you know if you have FTP access to your website? If so you could try:

    1) Connecting to your FTP site and browsing to the /wp-content/themes/ folder

    2) Once there you could either rename the ‘genesis’ folder (or download a copy of the entire genesis folder and all it’s content to you local desktop and then delete it from the server)

    3) Download the latest version of Genesis (1.9.1) from to your desktop, unzip it and then upload the whole folder to your wp-content/themes folder where the previous genesis folder was

    It’s difficult to help from afar of course (without being able to login) but let me know if you’re still stuck and I’ll try and help

    Failing that you can try disabling plugins by going into your /wp-content/plugins folder and renaming each one (put a dash after the folder name) and ruling these out as a cause

    (Things might already be broken but if your hosting company has a backup option I strongly suggest doing that first before trying any of the above)

    Let me know if this helps?

    Cheers, Nick

    @nickcdavis. I share the best new Genesis stuff weekly at
    I also offer Genesis theme setup and Photoshop (PSD) to Genesis conversions



    Thanks Nick, am going to try.

    I don’t have FTP access at the mo and the server bods (Namesco) are being entirely useless from what I am being told and say it has nothing to do with them etc. which obviously we know but they can do a backup surely. Anyway, that bit was being done by someone else so I’m not sure if they were being asked the right question but I shall see about the backup first and then try to get FTP access to sort the other bits.

    I’m not sure how long ago an update was made but is there any particular reason why the Genesis update would have crashed if the WP version had just been updated? I mean, I know it can happen but are there are particular known flaws in this update?

    Will see how far I get and update you,

    Thanks again,



    Hi Alana,

    Another thing you could ask your hosting is to restore the site (not your WP per say but the whole site) to what it was a few days ago BEFORE you applied the updates. That way you won’t need FTP or anything else. I know BlueHost has backups they can restore and that has helped me tremendously from time to time.

    All the best,




    Hi all,

    Thanks for the input.

    After finally getting into the FTP I have downloaded the latest Genesis version 1.9.2 and uploaded that and hey presto everything is fine again.

    No idea why 1.8.1 crashed everything and Namesco were totally useless in all of it so I’ll be looking to ensure they are ditched come contract end.

    Turns out Namesco settings reverted back to “disable FTP” for some reason so it took a while to get back into their incredibly unfriendly UI controlpanel, find the FTP settings and enable this again to then get it back up and running on Dreamweaver to sort out! They’re also the only ons I know of who require a setting for website name rather than the usual settings that I would have presumed to use – is that normal?

    Anyway, all sorted. Thank you :-)



    Hi Alana,

    Good to know you were able to have your issue fixed! As far as funky hosting with WordPress sites, after reading a lot of reviews I signed up with last week-end for a client’s site that had issues on a shared hosting, and wow, what a difference “WP hosting” makes. They help you with migration too to make sure everything works great. You may want to contact them and start a conversation via email. They were very courteous and helpful, sharp and knowledgeable. From now on, I will consider bringing all my new clients there depending on their needs.

    Dreamhost FTP also requires the use of their server name in your fyp address, but I don’t really like that either. Give me a plain FTP access. I suspect it has to do with security, though.

    All the best!





    Thanks Andre, I shall definitely bear in mind for the future as you definitely need to guide clients these days – amazing how many think hosting companies do the same thing!! :-( The support service to me makes all the difference so I shall look at Lightningbase now as well



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