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    We’ve just launched, which uses magazine pro as the foundation!

    All feedback is greatly appreciated, It’s easy to get homesick!


    Sorry to be blunt – but ~I am getting confused before I have read any of the articles. There is too much going off on the home page and it was distracting

    Originally the Hub drop down made me think I had to register to read the article. It was not till I figured that I needed to hoover on the background image to get the tool bar to go away

    I would get rid of the share button on the front page – no one shares without reading the full post. Also the circle with numbers is distracting, it gave me a herat button without giving me the chance to read

    I am going through to different sites which concerned me. Can it be made more obvious that the site is a collection of articles across the web?

    The about drop down front is very small and I only have problems with long distance viewing not short. I am also struggling to make out the text on your logo, perhaps needs to be bigger

    sorry to be blunt. Maybe someone else will come along and give more constructive advice


    Hi Nat!

    Thank you for your feedback, it’s greatly appreciated no matter the nature of it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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