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    Having a few difficulties with formatting of text / content for pages and posts. Any help on the below is appreciated.


    1. What’s the best WYSIWYG editor for Genesis ? Looking to change fonts, sizes and features as per below.

    2. How can I show a view text or view html button on the page / post formatting bar?  (As only text options right now)

    3. How can I select from the different locked-in headings from my Eleven40 theme, to use in posts and pages text?




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    1. The default editor is good in my opinion. It includes both visual and text/html view.

    You can change the styles and sizes in your child themes style.css file or install a more advanced editor plugin for changing them on a per post/page basis.

    There’s also a few fonts plugins which might interest you.

    2. Maybe your visual editor has been disabled

    3. There’s a drop down Format menu so you can select which size to use for the Headings. h1, h2, h3 and so on.

    Are you running WordPress 3.5? You should have a visual editor


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    Thanks Brad.

    Interestingly, I see a Visual | Text box on this form here.

    However, that doesn’t exist on my Post / Pages editor.

    Yes, have updated to the latest version of WordPress.

    If the visual editor has somehow been disabled, how do I re-enable it ?



    Tony @ AlphaBlossom
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    Hi there,

    If you go to users > your profile there’s a box on top that says “Disable the visual editor when writing.” Make sure that’s unchecked.

    I went crazy one day wondering why my visual editor wasn’t showing lol.

    Hope that fixes it for you!


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    Thanks Brad and Tony.

    It still wasn’t working but this fixed it also:


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