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    Hi …I am new to this and still getting the hang of it but need some help pls. I am trying to add a div below the header using simple hooks but it must only appear on pages and not the static home page (am using ¬†genesis_after_header)

    thanks for your time



    The site consists of only pages….no posts and i need to add a div that displays an image 100% width on all internal pages below the header but not on the home page. I am using simple hooks to add other divs but am not sure how to add it for pages only….and not home page….. I am sure there is some kinda “if else” condition i need to use but not sure …have been toying with¬†<?php is_page(); ?> but cannot seem to get it right. Would appreciate any help…thanks



    Figured it out…..


    if(is_page()) { ?>
    <div><h3>figured it out</h3></div>
    <?php }



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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