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    So, minimum 2.0 is making me cry like a baby.
    I’m doing a very very very minimum theme, and I’d like to get rid of two things:
    1. the header image (but keep the menu)
    2. the posts that appear at the bottom of the page

    I was pretty good at figuring things out with the non-responsive themes, but am completely destroying the site with themes like min2.09 and eleven40.

    I’m not afraid of editing code, and do ok for not being a true programmer.  But these two items listed above are killing me.  Absolute site destroying when i make edits that seem to be fairly simple.

    Is it worth it?  Is it over-hard?  Can anyone help?




    I will try to help.  The title can be removed with css.
    #title {
    display: none;

    The title and the posts can also be removed by editing the functions or page templates with hooks.  I’m not the best at this but I usually get it right through trial and error.  So the best thing I can do for you is point you to some tutorials so you get the idea.

    The first link has an example of code to remove post info.  The second link has the hook reference guide.  You can play with it by using the code to remove post info and replacing the post info hook with whatever hook you want in the reference guide, be it removing the title, header, post content, whatever.

    Another way to learn is to look up custom page templates for Genesis.  Creating a custom page template is a great way to learn what creates what on your page, like the header and posts, etc.

    I wish I could tell you exactly what steps to take but I might break your site. :-)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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