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    Dylan Sheffer

    I am new to the Genesis Framework and developing WordPress themes in general. I have spent a lot of time using and modifying existing WordPress themes, but have not created a child theme on my own.

    What are some recommended methods/tutorials for getting started in creating a child theme using Genesis? I have gone through the official tutorials, but they haven’t provided me much relevant knowledge on how to get started writing my own child theme.

    Thank you for your help,


    This is a mockup of what I want my website to look like, but I have no idea how to do it using Genesis.


    I haven’t yet created a child theme from scratch… but I’ve taken apart and rebuilt child themes that have had the basic layout I wanted. I just copy the theme into a new file, rename and then edit the css and where needed the php files. Also, you can resize, etc the home page sections from the widget areas. Not sure that’s super helpful, but its how I’ve stumbled through so far. Would love to hear if anyone else has some good tutorials on actually building from scratch. My guess is that you copy that actual Genesis file – rename that as a child theme and then go from there.



    There aren’t any tutorials in one exact place, we seem to just learn from others and other developers who love to share code. Some of the people I like and admire who provide such code is Brad Dalton, Carrie Dils, Kim Doyal, Bob Dunn, Brad Potter, Brandon Kraft, Gary Jones, Bill Erickson, Sridhar Katakam, and a host of others.

    You would benefit from downloading the Sample Child Theme. Do not use the Genesis Framework itself, use the Sample. And if you find a theme that you like, you can also get that theme, rename it and build off of that particular child theme – customize that.

    If you haven’t followed folks on Twitter who use the Genesis Framework, you can find a good portion of them on my Twitter list. You can also use the hashtag #GenesisWP to search for them as well.

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    Dylan Sheffer

    Great! Thank you for the information and sorry for the delayed response. I just got back from vacation and didn’t see the emails.



    Hi Dylan,

    I gave a talk about how to create a child theme at WordCamp Ottawa last month. My slides are available here:

    That might help you get started….

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    Dylan Sheffer

    Thank you for the slides! The code snippets and links look incredibly useful!

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