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    I have been using the Metro Pro theme to build up this website:

    Gift Ideas For Dad (

    I love coming up with gift ideas for my family and this project has been extremely exciting and fun. I would love all of your opinions and feedback. Maybe some ideas on how to improve my site? I’m also curious if anyone has some SEO experience and could tell me if anything I’m doing might hurt my search rankings (as of now it fluctuates on the 2nd and 3rd page of Google for terms like ‘Gift Ideas for Dad’ and ‘Dad Gift Ideas’)

    Thanks so much!


    I checked out your site. You’ll have a hard time ranking for anything because your site seems to be a shell site for amazon referral traffic.

    Consider adding some unique content. The technical structure looks fine – even the robots.txt.

    Let me help you customize your theme, or help your with SEO. Current Sr. SEO Analyst at Worldwide NonProfit
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    Do you know if there is a ratio for outbound links and unique content? How much content should one have, would you say? THanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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