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    Hello everyone – my first time here.

    I just switched to Genesis, using the Metro child theme. After working on my blog and familiarizing myself with the widgets for two weeks now, I cannot get the FEATURED POST widget settings to cooperate. Especially when selecting the photo either doesn’t load, or doesn’t show up as I selected within the widget. Last night it even pulled up an older photo that I’d deleted from that particular post…I ended up just deleting the photo. There are other glitches, too. Seems my changes just don’t “take.” I’m not a techie, but after repeatedly trying to get these settings to work/display right, I’m ready to ditch Genesis altogether. Help?

    Thanks ever so much,

    PS–how much trouble will it be to prepare Metro for the Genesis 2.0 upgrade?? I have no clue about these things.


    Let’s take things one at a time.

    1. The image widget – are you using the Jetpack Image widget? If so, there are some noted glitches online when you have Photon activated with it. So disable Photon and your Jetpack images and the images inside the Featured Posts should appear.

    2. As for changes being accepted/made, what specifically are you seeing when it’s not saving? Are you receiving an error? Are changes being saved on one thing but not another.

    3. If you are resizing any images, install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, activate it and run it. This will then change your thumbnail images to the new size you’ve selected.

    What you are describing doesn’t seem to be theme specific. You have a few plugins in there so maybe disable some plugins.

    I am using this theme on three websites and having had any of the issues you have described.



    AnitaC, thanks for your response! :-)

    I have Jetpack installed, yes, but not using its image widget. Didn’t know how. And what is Proton? Not even sure! As to plugins, I have a minimum. Still confused so bear with me.

    What happens if I delete Jetpack as a whole?

    For my post, I simply downloaded a photo from my gallery, clicked under Home TOP (Featured Post widget), and clicked on “Show Featured Image” – to set the Hometop as 708×400. The photo shows up, but not the right one. If you’ll look, a different image displays on the homepage as opposed to what you see when you click through the blog title to the rest of the article. I do not want the Van Gogh image showing up – I want the luggage image! current one). Why the two different photos? I deleted the Van Gogh image awhile back. If it’s set as “featured image” on some other page, I have no idea where to look.

    As for changes, sometimes it’s something glitchy like a font change, or bold or italics not changing back immediately. Or not getting text to center up, etc. Eventually it works. The more concerning glitches deal with placement of images and getting things to show up correctly, although we may be dealing with some operator error here. So thanks for helping. Having trouble getting my main page to appear like I want it to; images not showing up at all sometimes.

    Also, I wanted 3 columns on the homepage. How do I set that? I see where I can choose different templates under each post, but what about the homepage?

    Resizing: Usually load my images already sized as needed. Not using Jetpack image widget because I could never figure out how.

    I’m not the only person who’s experienced a few glitches. A friend shared the same. I’d like to press through for solutions if possible since I have so much time/energy invested already.

    Again, thanks!!





    Under Featured Post settings:

    What does it mean to “offset” images?
    Number of posts to show: 3
    Number of posts to offset: 0

    You’re probably laughing at me now. Ha.
    (still learning – thanks for your time).



    So on this post – Do you have the Luggage images set as the Featured Image? Or the Van Gogh?

    For offset, say you have a current blog in a slider and you also add that category to another widget area and it shows up there too. You can change the 0 in offset to a 1 – and that will leave the current blog in the slider but pull the next blog in line in the widget area. So it doesn’t have both of them on the page at the same time.

    For Three columns, you would have to do what they call “forced layout” to use that and keep everything the way it is now with the grid, etc.

    If there are glitches, it’s best to address them when you actually have them so we can see them in place.



    Oh, wow – thanks. Just double-checked that particular post and it seems I did not have the luggage pic set as featured image. Thought I did. Assumed if I deleted the Van Gogh pic, the current post image would automatically show up as the featured image. Thank you.

    Not sure I follow on the offset stuff, but as I will try to figure it out ;-)

    Interesting about the forced layout. When I chose Metro, I assumed I’d have the choice of one layout for the entire site. Looks like I can change those options within each individual post. Will experiment.

    Anita, thank you so much. Two brains are so much better than one ;-) If I run into another glitch, I’ll let you know.



    Oh, you’re welcome. Yeah, the home page has one layout and the the inside is available for all the others. Thank for the lovely note you left on my website. I appreciate you taking time to do that.



    Hi Anita. You’re welcome. Thanks for your help.

    Today I upgraded to Genesis 2.0, but still using Metro, of course. Not sure if this will be problematic until I do more work behind the panel. No idea how to update the Metro theme to work better with Genesis 2.0.

    Could you please tell me — if you have time — how to get a new menu over the top of my header? I’m trying to figure that out next ;-)



    Well, your theme comes with two navigation areas – Primary and Secondary. Your primary is your “red” navigation in the middle. The secondary is the one used in the navigation in the back bar across the top. So those are the two navigations you have to work with. You can try to reposition the secondary navigation to be above the header – which would then remove it from the black bar across the top. Is that something you might want to do?



    Yes, I tried the secondary navigation but need to move it above the header, or else leave it alone. Did not like how it was so high up on the black bar.



    It’s going to take a few steps to do this and maybe some tweaking but…

    Do this first – open up your functions.php file and look for this:

    // Reposition the secondary navigation
    remove_action( ‘genesis_after_header’, ‘genesis_do_subnav’ );
    add_action( ‘genesis_before’, ‘genesis_do_subnav’ );

    Replace that with this:

    //* Reposition the secondary navigation menu
    remove_action( ‘genesis_after_header’, ‘genesis_do_subnav’ );
    add_action( ‘genesis_before_header’, ‘genesis_do_subnav’ );

    This code, when I save it, may not save here properly so… when you get this in your email – DON’T USE IT from your email. Come back over here to the forum and grab the code from here!



    Ok, it saved properly! So you can follow my instructions.



    Thanks, Anita! I’ll try this tomorrow and get back with you.

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