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    Hi all,

    I’m wondering if any of you who have been able to constantly create custom child-themes could share with the rest of us some of the methods and tools you keep going back to?

    I’ve been building WP website for many years now, and one of the most frustrating thing has been the countless hours spent trying to BEND a theme to do what I’d like it to… and find out I can’t, or that the next update will hurl it into deep space. I’ve never worked with frameworks before but now am convinced it’s the way to go. Being a bit overwhelmed I perused the amazing talents here: Genesis Developers  .

    And I wondered about workflow, tools, plugins, etc. I’m sure many would be truly inspired to know a bit more about how you guys do it.

    Hoping to read some of your ideas and recipes!


    Andre Lefebvre




    i found the best way to learn was to read blogs of people much smarter than myself! some of my “go to sites” are, (in no particular order):







    plugins that i use very often are:



    you can view a bunch here:


    i hope that puts you on the right track!



    Thanks Ozzy!

    Awesome response, I’m on my way to the links.

    Did I forget to mention I’ve read miles and miles and miles of blogs and tips and hacks and forums for the past 8 years, along trial and error…  However, I found very little in terms of “show and tell,” yet I found it is usually the very best method of learning. That’s why I’m asking here, since it’s focused on Genesis…

    I think the keyword is WORKFLOW. What would your workflow be like, once you know what your client wants, how to do go about it to implement. You go to a premade theme, create yours from scratch, etc. Is there a tool that helps you create layouts you can then dress up?

    Looking forward to hear from other ones!







    Now that’s the difference between reading miles of air and reading content with substance… making my way through surefire, Ben Hunt, Bill Erickson, and already find helpful stuff.

    Workflow comes from clear vision and structured process. First question: am I a true web designer, and do I want to be one, reallyreallyreally? I love to join clear communication and creativity. But am I invested in making my client turn a profit with their site? I’m interested for them to, but I don’t have what it takes to build this into their project. Maybe I need to team up with someone who can bring that aspect, if I don’t find a way to truly learn that.

    Going back in…



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