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    Hi all!

    I know this is a general WordPress question and not specific to Genesis, but I was hoping to get some dev opinions on this subject.

    I have been debating whether to use the native WordPress search function on my site, or stick with the Google Custom Search I’ve been using. There are pros and cons of either one:

    Google Custom Search


    • Very good search results
    • Adsense implementation, if desired
    • Provides ability to track search terms used within Google Analytics


    • search bar generally loads slowly due to javascript causing page speed issues

    WordPress Native Search


    • No javascript, so loads quickly


    • No ability to track user search terms
    • Search results are not quite as good as GCS results
    • No Adsense implementation

    Now, I could be wrong about some of my assumption here, just my opinion on what I’ve experienced using both. I’m not too worried about the AdSense really, because we are only talking a few cents per day.

    What concerns me more is faster page load times and giving the user a better experience when they perform search on-site.

    So, my question is – which search do you think is better to employ on a WordPress site?



    Google is far more accurate so i think there’s no comparison because the user will become more frustrated if the search returns non relevant results.



    But can you even add it to Genesis? I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. Google says to edit searchform.php and there is none in genesis nor is there a theme editor anymore…..



    Hi Patrick,

    You will need to create your own searchform.php. If I remember correctly, you just create a blank php file titled searchform.php then add the code to that file that Google gives you when creating the custom search. Once the file is to your liking you can upload the file to your theme folder. It will then show in in the Theme Editor.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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