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    hi guys

    not sure if this post is appropriate here, I’ll post it anyway (moderators might want to move it in the right place …)

    I like the headshot graphics on this site –

    Notice the layout with borders, and the caption text

    How can I do the same with Genesis, or is there a particular software/service/tool (besides Photoshop) I can get use to create that effect around headshots and add the caption text?

    Thank you!



    I use – it’s free. Pull your photo over there and edit your heart out. I love it.



    thank you, I really like this one

    if you guys know of something else, related to, let me know



    I also use another free program you can download called Paint. You can edit Photoshop PSD files with it and also save your newly created files in PSD. Here is the download linkĀ  – click the link in the top right corner, not the big one in the middle. That’s a Google Ad.

    Paint –
    PSD Plugin –

    Install Paint first. Then follow the instructions to install the PSD plugin. I love this one also.



    GIMP is open source and free.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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